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Whether you have had your dog for ages or just adopted a kitten, our pet vets are at hand. From routine check-ups, fun flea facts and info on vaccination to emergencies – your local VetEnt vet clinic is available 24/7. Find out how to keep your pet in top health with a range of pet services.

Sheep + Beef

Your cattle and sheep deserve only the best, most innovative vet services. Discover VetEnt’s automated annual health planners and best-practice benchmarking! Drench testing, liver biopsies, scanning and ill-thrift investigations – you name it, our vets can do it. Of course we’re also at hand to check common symptoms.

veterinary clinic
veterinary clinic


Our dairy vets are experts when it comes to biopsies, scanning and ill-thrift investigations. VetEnt also offers innovative vet programmes, such as performance tracking software and condition monitoring of heifer grazing off-farm. Use our mastitis control programme to improve bulk milk somatic cell count by 30%!

Seasonal Tips - Autumn


  • Need upskilling or a refresher for you or your staff on the essentials for this spring? Many of our clinics run training courses on spring first aid and or heifer rearing, speak to your local clinic today.
  • Now’s also a great time to clean out, disinfect the calf sheds and stock up on the necessities for calving. Be ready for those early calves.
  • Sorted your spring trace element supplementation programme, ring and talk to one of our vets about the right programme for your herd.


  • Plan your pre-lamb treatments with your local VetEnt team
  • Lamb survival is a key part of ewe performance. Talk to your local vet about investigating what might be limiting lamb survival on your farm
  • Remember iodine and 5in1 for stock going onto brassica crops
  • Are your heifers on track to hit target weight at mating?



  • Correct nutrition can help common ailments of your pet during the cold winter months
  • Added supplements to help support joint function and ease arthritic pain can be hugely beneficial.
  • Antioxidants can help keep immune system bolstered and help fight common infections.
  • And like many of us, as we move into a more sedentary pace of life limited by the winter weather, it is wise to evaluate the energy needed.


VetEnt offers great career opportunities and development to all our staff and is a proud supporter of diversity and equality. We place great importance on recruitment policies, training and development programs whilst fostering a supportive culture to ensure that all employees enjoy the opportunity to succeed.


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  • There is a lot of misinformation out there on drenching dairy cows for gut parasites, so let us set the record straight…Myth 1: Drenching dairy cows results in milk production increase because it kills the worms that are living off the cow’s reserves: The immune system of the cow is very good at fighting off gut parasites. A cow will hardly ever pass worms in its faeces and contaminat ...

  • In New Zealand it is common to lose 15% - 18% of lambs before they are tailed/docked...The majority of these losses happen around the time of birth, with many lambs being born alive. There are many reasons why we lose lambs. Southerly storms are obvious culprits but diseases and deficiencies are harder to pick by eye.To work out your level of losses use this formula:Lamb Wastage = (Scanning % - La ...

  • Imagine a day when you have worms in your lambs, they are dying and you have no way to treat it... it’s happening... and it poses a huge threat to farming as we know it. It’s been spoken about for along time and a lot of us haveburied our heads in the sand and denied that it could ever happen to us. It’s happening in the Maniototo and after speaking with vets from all over t ...

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