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Vets NZ: with a national staff level of over 180 and 20 clinics nationwide, Veterinary Enterprises Group Ltd is one of New Zealand’s
largest vet companies.

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Our nationwide vet NZ team share our people, ideas and knowledge between clinics to provide high-value services and impress our clients. Established in 1991, the VetEnt parent company now comprises a family of companies.  

-    Our core business are our ever-expanding rural vet NZ practices with the combined expertise of over 75 NZ vets nationwide.
-    StockCare is a farm improvement programme delivering increased performance, productivity and profitability
-    FarmCare is a farm advisor programme that delivers sustained improvements in sheep and beef farm productivity.
-    PureMilk is a mastitis consultancy designed to minimise the impact of lost production in dairy farms.

NZ vets and other experts at hand

You’ll find a hive of experienced NZ vets but also qualified and passionate vet nurses and front staff, all equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Our shared system efficiencies, senior consultants and a high level of on-going training ensure all VetEnt personnel are at the forefront of the latest vet practices.

Not all medicines are created equal

A VetEnt panel of NZ vets devotes significant time to ensure the medicines and products we use have been selected because they are safe, effective and do what they are designed to do. The products that the group chooses to support are ones that our vets know work. We have selected product suppliers that provide high-quality technical support and continue to invest in developing new and better veterinary medicines and products we all benefit from.

NZ vets who keep you in the loop

At VetEnt, we recognise that you want a highly knowledgeable and skilled NZ vet team, but also one who will take the time to ensure you understand what is happening with your animal at every step. Communication is paramount! VetEnt’s vets tailor their approach according to the needs of your animal, your circumstances and you. The vet NZ team will discuss all options thoroughly with you, and we are there to help you reach a decision that is right for you and your farm/pet.

Nationwide support

The buying power of the VetEnt group not only offers you reliable product supply in times of shortage, but the combined expertise and experience of over 75 vets nationwide.

Related Agri-companies

Veterinary Enterprises Group Ltd is the parent company. A number of our services are unique to our industry, and are of value to farmers and vet practices outside the VetEnt group of NZ vets. The following companies run as stand-alone entities:


FarmCare (formerly AgriNetworks Limited) FARMCARE LOGO RGB

FarmCare provides a full suite of advisory services for the analysis, guidance and optimisation of your farm’s performance. It represents the recent coming together of AgriNetworks Ltd and PureMilk Mastitis Consultantcy Ltd.


StockCare StockCare Logo RGB

The intelligence powerhouse of sheep and beef best practice, the team delivers StockCARE®, a systematised farm improvement programme to sustainably improve performance, productivity and profitability through encouraging understanding of the key drivers of farm business. A disciplined approach to the collection and utilisation of information, along with detailed NZ sheep and beef benchmarking statistics, gives farmers the confidence to implement change management, overseen by top farm consultants.  

The remarkable above-average stock performance that has resulted from farms participating in the farm consultant programme has led to unique international export supply chain opportunities for StockCARE® participants.

The StockCare team also spearheads advanced annual training programmes for VetEnt sheep and beef vets in NZ. SotckCare is led by veterinarians Chris Mulvaney and Don MacColl, who have a combined experience of over 40 years’ involvement with sheep and beef farmers throughout New Zealand.


PureMilk   PureMilk LOGO RGB

PureMilk offers a New Zealand-wide mastitis consultancy service to farmers and NZ vets. We carefully analyse the milking process, from the bacteria to the cow, the equipment to the people using it, and provide independent, expert guidance and a tailormade programme to reduce mastitis and significantly improve milk quality.

Milk production is now far different from years past. The world demands greater transparency in process, and the highest quality product. The global push to reduce reliance on antibiotics in production animals requires the modern farmer to focus on prevention of mastitis rather than detection and subsequent treatment with medications.

The PureMilk programme provides experienced independent guidance for the best management of mastitis. We assess the entire milking process to provide a precise action plan unique to the farmer. It is not about selling drugs or equipment. It is about expert analysis and providing a detailed plan to achieve success. The end result is simple: improved milk quality from source to processor- all to the greater advantage of the farmer and the New Zealand dairy industry as a whole.


Careers at VetEnt 

If you are interested in joining the VetEnt NZ team, take a look at our Careers page and look at what veterinary jobs we have available.

We share our people, ideas & knowledge between clinics
to provide high value services and impress our clients.

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