VetEnt is assisting in a research study on the prevalence of canine hip dysplasia in New Zealand Huntaways. This study is funded by VetEnt, Massey University Working Dog Centre, The Wairoa Veterinary Club, Antech Imaging, and Zoetis Animal Health.


We're urgently seeking more participant dogs so that we can complete our trial by December. There is no cost to the owner, and you do not need to be a current VetEnt client to take part in the study. You will receive a free evaluation of your dog's hips, a written report of the hip assessment results, and an indication of breeding hip dysplasia issues.


The study will involve an examination, blood sample collection (for future DNA study by Massey University), and a radiograph. Dogs will need to be in good general health, as they will need to be sedated for radiographs to be taken.


Although dogs need to be between 2-10 years of age, there are also limited number of radiographs available for working huntaways aged between 16 weeks - 2 years.


The VetEnt clinic locations currently participating in this trial are VetEnt Havelock North, VetEnt Te Awamutu, and VetEnt Ranfurly. 


Interested in participating or want to know more information? Please email and include your location (so we know which clinic to refer you to).


The final research will be published in the New Zealand Veterinary Journal.



02 October 2019, 20:18