With the recent announcement that the Government has decided to pursue eradication of Mycoplasma bovis, there are some important points that all farmers and industry stakeholders need to be aware of: 

  • Mycoplasma bovis is an animal welfare issue, and has the potential to have wide reaching implications for NZ, but it is not a human health issue. Consuming meat and milk from infected animals will not pose an infection risk to humans.
  • Investigations into how the disease made its way into New Zealand have indicated it was introduced from a single entry point, making the decision to attempt eradication over the next few years plausible. The progress of the eradication will be regularly reassessed and updated.
  • Introduction of infected stock is the biggest risk posed to farmers, followed by feeding unpasteurised milk to calves. The risk of infected vehicles, equipment and machinery is another risk which must be managed carefully.
  • Bulls coming onto farm temporarily is a big risk factor for farms, so ensure you get a detailed history before they enter your farm.
  • Be aware that testing for the disease can be complicated and isn’t a simple yes or no. Speak to your vet for further information.
  • Farm biosecurity is key and every farm has different risk factors. As a farmer it is important to know yours, talk to your VetEnt vet about the biosecurity factors required to keep your farm safe.

We want to work with, and support our farmers. The implications of the outbreak and the process to eradication has the potential to have a massive financial, and mental toll on farmers, their families and their communities. We are here to discuss, help and support through this tough time if you have any questions about Mycoplasma bovis speak to your veterinarian.

08 June 2018, 03:43