It is the time of the year when pregnancy testing is now over, and farmers are starting to filter in for Dry Cow Consults.
Due to feedback and timing of staff changeovers on farm, this year we will be aiming to separate out our Milk Quality Consults (otherwise known as Dry Cow Consults) from our RVM consults – which are our whole farm consultations where we discuss the animal health needs of the herd and young stock, and plan ahead for a successful season. We have found that combining the two consults has often led to one or the other being rushed, and when the RVM consult is done at the same time as the Milk Quality  onsult, often not all of the staff are in attendance, and in fact there may even be new staff starting on the farm in June so we are doing the RVM consult with the person who won’t be on farm for the upcoming season! So here is what we are planning for this  season: Milk Quality Consults: In clinic with your preferred vet. These need to happen before you dry cows off (even small batches) o that you can get the right advice for your farm that will give the best results and cure rates for your herd, which also works in with the
industry drive to reduce antibiotics on farm. Call your vet now to get this booked in. RVM Consults: We will aim to have these on farm with all staff, or in clinic depending on client preference. These will start at the end of May/start of June. The plan is to involve and  nform all the staff for the season so that we can get the best systems and processes in place for all stock classes. We can talk through calving and transition management, young stock rearing, mating and all other areas and parts of the farming business. For some farmers it may still make sense to combine the two consultations (i.e. no farm changes, owner/operator, etc.). But for the majority of our clients we will discuss your needs at the time of booking to decide what the best plan for your farm will be. Call your clinic today to discuss what will be best for you. 

06 April 2018, 02:57