The data being blocked following a cyber-attack on Saturday has now been recovered, and systems should start to come back online in the next few days. We are proud of our teams for carrying out the same wonderful service they always do, and for taking the make-shift changes in their stride.

On Saturday 15 September, we, Veterinary Enterprises Group Limited, and our subsidiaries, were victim to a ransomware attack. The attack caused all of our files, email accounts and customer database to become inaccessible. Ransomware is a type of malicious software which blocks or threatens to destroy a victim’s data unless a ransom is paid. In this case, the data was not taken, but the malware was blocking us from accessing it.

The data in question has now been recovered, and our IT team is rebuilding and reinstalling the systems which were compromised.

At 10am Sunday the prognosis was bleak. The server data was being held ransom by cyber attackers, and a large number of bitcoins were being demanded with no guarantee the data could be recovered even if paid. We are pleased to say now the outlook is much more optimistic; we have recovered the vast majority of our information and been able to avoid the horrible prospect of giving money to criminals.

It will take time to get the business back online, and systems will come back in stages rather than all at once. As always, our number one focus is ensuring our clients and patients receive top quality services.

We’d like to thank all of our clients for their kind words of support and patience over the last few days. We still don’t have access to email, so we ask all clients to please call their clinic for now. Contact details can be found here: 

18 September 2018, 03:53