Proactive animal care for pets

Animal care is not just about building a great relationship with your local pet vet; animal care is about your understanding of your pet’s health.

At VetEnt, our animal care team recognise that you want highly knowledgeable and skilled veterinarians, who will also take the time to ensure you understand what is happening with your pet at every step. 

Care is about treatment as much as it is about prevention. At VetEnt, our pet vets aim to keep your pet in tip-top health with proactive steps like immunisation, neutering, flea treatments and worming, down to the best pet food. If your pet requires treatments for injuries or surgical procedures, you can rest assured that you’ll find an animal care team of experienced vets and passionate vet nurses, equipped with the latest technology. Whichever pet service you use – your local VetEnt animal care specialists have your pet’s best health at heart.

We have prepared fact sheets about common conditions for you and our animal care specialists will discuss your options thoroughly with you. We’re always there to help you reach a decision that is right for you and your animal.

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In animal care prevention is cheaper than cure. Find out how often you need to vaccinate your pet, and the risks that cats and dogs face if they are not protected.



Did you know ... Some fleas can jump more than 150 times their own length. Female feas can lay 2,000 eggs in a lifetime. Pet flea control means both you and your pet get a good night's sleep.



Poor weight, a lack-lustre coat and general malaise could indicate your pet has worms. Consult our animal care team!


"Thank you very much for all your care and attention after my failure to outrun the fast car!  I am really well and nearly allowed to be 'normal' again."  - Love Freud


"I feel a lot better, and more like my old self.  Mummy and Aunty have taken out my sutures and I’m now meowsome!  Thank you for making me feel better (even though I don't trust Mum yet!) and treating me like a king, even though I am non-compliant!  Your patience and commitment make me very humble and I will try and behave."  - Meow Alley O'Connor


"Thank you for putting me to sleep for the last time.  My body was tired; I wasn’t in good health; I knew I didn’t have long to go.  I know it broke my mum’s heart when the time came to let me go, but she didn’t want to see me suffer anymore.  I loved her, and she loved me.  We walked side by side for 14 years.  I was her constant companion, and even shared her pillow at night.  I’m buried in my favourite spot in her flower garden with all my doggy toys to keep me company.  And mum can sit and talk to me every day."  Love you all, Granny Girl Sparkes.


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