Tail Paint

Correct use of tail painting identifies almost 90% of cows in standing heat. Tail painting picks up cows which are only standing for a short time that would otherwise be missed.


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The new and improved Backpack Tailpainter offers a safe and efficient solution for tail painting the whole herd.

The canvas backpack holds 2 x 2.6kg bottles of Tell Tail, which has been created specifically for use with the Backpack Tailpainter.

The handheld gun now with a uniquely designed brush head ensures even distribution of paint over the tail of the cow.

Paint wastage is reduced and the job of tail painting is made that much easier and safer.

We recommend using the Backpack Tailpainter prior to mating for fast and efficient marking of the whole herd.

FiL Tell Tail applicators and aerosols should be used for any tough ups required.

General purpose tail paint and animal marker aerosols:

  • Available in six colours
  • Weather resistant and non irritant
  • Quick and easy to apply for oestrus detection or identification
  • Use to follow FiL Mating Management System
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks subject o correct application and conditions
  • Hydrocarbon propellant
Oil-based fluorescent heat detection tail paint:
  • Available in six colours
  • Quick and easy to apply for oestrus detection
  • Use to follow FiL Mating Management System
  • Lasts up to 28 days subject to conditions and to correct application
  • Contains 300g/L Hydrocarbon liquids

All FiL Tell Tail paints are super-bright fluorescent colours for optimum visibility at a distance or in low light.


Tell Tail is a very heavy paint (1 litre weighs 1.4kg) and soaks into the hair without cracking apart or falling off.

One litre will mark approximately 80 - 100 cows.

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