Animal Health Plans by VetEnt

Welcome to the ultimate tool in animal health...VetEnt's Animal Health Plan online application allows vets and farmers to work towards ‘best practice’ animal and farm management. Increase productivity and reduce risk.

VetEnt is proud to present the latest in animal health management. Developed by Merial our Animal Health Plan provides an annual health calendar and the ability to manage tasks for animal groups. By working together and off the same plan, farmers, vets and merchandise managers can efficiently collaborate to manage tasks for different animal groups and the farm’s overall animal health.

VetEnt’s Animal Health Plan offers unique flexibility, catering to the ever-changing conditions farmers have to work around. The task-dependency feature means that if a base task date is changed, all future task dates will change accordingly. Utilising an online environment for your Animal Health Plan allows your management to be dynamic and easily adjustable to the changing environmental and economic conditions throughout the year.

Our Animal Health Plan is tailored to be suitable for all types of farm businesses including sheep and beef farms, deer farms, dairy farms and graziers.

Animal Health Plan – Benefits for the Farmer:

  1. The Animal Health Plan provides farmers with a comprehensive plan to follow. This ensures you achieve maximum profitability and productivity on your farm.
  2. The reminder system allows for easy planning and timely completion of important animal health tasks.
  3. Large farms with multiple labour units can use the Animal Health Plan to delegate tasks and ensure jobs are done according to Best Practice and completed on time.
  4. Look ahead and view upcoming jobs to plan labour and product resources.
  5. The Animal Health Plan creates a dynamic link between your farm and one of the most important farm advisors – the vet.
  6. The Animal Health Plan caters for all levels of technical capability by giving you the option of printing a 12-month calendar and/or a wall planner once the initial plan is complete.

Figure 1a. Dairy Animal Health Plan (click for larger image)

Figure 1b. Sheep/Beef/Deer Animal Health Plan (click for larger image)
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