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VetEnt Redcliffs 
Unfortunately due to earthquake damage we have had to relocate.
We would love to see you at our Ferrymead clinic down the road. 

Redcliffs Vets: VetEnt  Redcliffs

Innovative Vets in Redcliffs

VetEnt’s vets in Redcliffs, formerly Redcliffs Animal Medical Centre, operate in tandem with Ferrymead vets. Unfortunately due to earthquake damage we have had to relocate to our Ferrymead clinic. 

As with all of our clinics, our Redcliffs vets are carefully chosen and have a combined experience spanning very many years. The sharing of resources between our vet clinics in the Canterbury Group allows veterinarians to be available to deliver services to clients that provide most value to you and your pet.
To find out more, come and see our Redcliffs vets colourful and spacious reception area where you'll find our friendly receptionist, who is happy to answer any questions, help you with any of your pet's needs, or arrange a consultation with our Redcliffs vet.



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Pet Services

Our pet vets in Redcliffs are experts in listening, advising and supporting optimal animal healthcare for your pets. We believe that animal care is not just about building a great relationship with your local pet vet; animal care is about your understanding of your pet’s health. Our pet vets in Redcliffs will take the time to ensure you understand what is happening with your pet at every step. We’re always there to help you reach a decision that is right for you and your animal. Areas of expertise by our pet vets in Redcliffs include: 

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About VetEnt

Our nationwide vet NZ team share our people, ideas and knowledge between clinics to provide high-value services and impress our clients. Established in 1991, the VetEnt parent company now comprises a family of companies.


Pet Services

Pet Veterinary Services at Redcliffs:

  • Consultations including skin, chest, renal, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions
  • Trauma medicine and patient care
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental work
  • Sterilisations procedures – neutering and spaying
  • Reproductive services including AI and Oestrus advice
  • Orthopaedic & general surgery
  • Companion animal health checks
  • Diagnostic procedures with X-rays and ultrasound
  • On-site blood laboratory allows us to give quick response advice
  • Hospitalisation facilities
  • Diet planning and small animal food requirements
  • General pet accessory merchandising
  • Food product for companion animals and pet accessory merchandising is available in our large showroom area
  • Emergency 24-hour service available


5 Reasons To Choose VetEnt

Local Vets

VetEnt clinics are operated by locals in tune with your local conditions. Our vets tailor their approach to the needs of your animals, your environment and your budget.

Nationwide Support

The combined purchasing power of the VetEnt group and over 25 clinics brings you product availability even in times of short supply.


Pop into your nearby clinic for science based pet food. Get helpful advice on worming, flea treatment and vaccination to keep your pet or herd in optimal condition

People Power

Our nationwide team of friendly, professional vets share knowledge between clinics, to bring you the latest in locally ­tested veterinary science

Responsive Service

We're there when you need it. Have peace of mind knowing vet services are only a phone call away, with emergency vets available around the clock


I have always received excellent service at VetEnt Redcliffs & Ferrymead. The team have good communication are caring and wise. Great service, friendly helpful staff!

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VetEnt Vets are not only great with animals; they’re great with people too! You’ll find our Vets with their sleeves rolled up, working alongside rural communities throughout New Zealand, listening, advising and supporting optimal animal health in both livestock and pets.

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