Libby Wood

Commercial Sales Advisor
With a large and varied range of agricultural experience, including her current side-hustle leasing a sheep and beef farm, Libby is a great fit as the Commercial Sales Advisor in Taumarunui. Working in the agricultural industry since she was around 15 years old, where her first job was on a rare breed cattle stud that also held equine and cropping enterprises she has always enjoyed working with farmers and had a keen interest in animal health. Since then she has milked her fair share of dairy cows as well as rearing calves and producing Jersey bulls. Most recently she has worked in a professional capacity for FarmIQ helping farmers understand and utilise their farm management software to grow the farm and improve productivity and profitability.As a graduate with a Bachelor of AgriScience (Equine Major) and alongside her Certificate in Science and Technology and Intermediate Sustainable Nutrient Management Libby’s interest is naturally in farm management (dairy and drystock) including the use of on farm software as well as farm environment plans. She loves working with farmers to help them achieve their business goals and really enjoys being able to get out on farm and the variety that working in this profession provides.With two cats, two guinea pigs, four horses, six goats plus plenty of sheep and cattle, and not to forget the seven farm dogs and five puppies to keep her busy any down time she finds herself with she enjoys horse riding and like to get out competing when she can. She has several ex-race horses and rescue horses that she has rehabbed and now enjoys training.
Qualifications: Bachelor of AgriScience (Equine Major), Certificate Science and Technology, Certificate in Intermediate Sustainable Nutrient Management
  • King Country
Located in: Support
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