Barry de Sitter

Barry qualified as a veterinarian, with a special interest in dairy, at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in May 2015. Before his veterinarian degree he took a B. Comn but realised later that working in the corporate world, wouldn’t satisfy him enough. A life in the great wide open and amongst animals, especially the ones that have brought human kind so much, the cow, was a must. So when he was 27 he changed his career path to become a veterinarian. If you ask him if that was a good idea, you will get a big laugh and a definite YES ! After a year working in Deventer, The Netherlands, among high producing Holsteins, Barry moved with his family to South Africa, there he found his love for large pasture grazing herds. A great experience in a beautiful country with amazing people and animals. After nearly 4 years, future visa and work permit uncertainty made him apply for a fantastic opportunity in New Zealand. Why wouldn’t he, because in his own words: “I have to experience myself the pasture grazing dairy country par excellence!” Having recently arrived with his wife, Femke, and their three children, they are all looking forward to living in Ashburton. Barry and his family hope to learn from the area, the people and the dairy community. He is eager to meet you all soon and meanwhile will do his best to leave people, places and cows better than he finds them. If you ever need travel advice, or advice on which beer to drink, in The Netherlands or South Africa please feel free to get in contact with him as he is more than happy to have a chat.
  • Ashburton
Located in: Dairy | Sheep/Beef/Deer
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