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Whether a farm vet meets you out at your place or you drop in with your puppy to see a pet vet, our team of companion and large animal vets are always pleased to meet you. Working from 25 clinics around New Zealand, our team is made up of a bunch of people from all walks of life. From large animal vet and mastitis consultant through to pet veterinarians, technicians and vet nurses, what they all have in common is passion for animal health.

And while you get to meet the dedicated team at the frontline of animal care on a day-to-day basis, this page lets you find out more about the people behind the scenes of VetEnt, New Zealand’s largest vet company.

If you’re after a specific farm vet, pet veterinary or management team member, you can use the search option at the left, otherwise, feel free to simply have a browse through our profiles.





Chris Morrison 




 don maccoll

Donald MacColl

Don is an experienced sheep and beef veterinarian and one of the foundation shareholders of Veterinary Enterprises. He joined AgriNetworks, a subsidiary company of Veterinary Enterprises, in Te Awamutu in 2002. Don's roles in AgriNetworks include farm consultancy for sheep and beef farms using the StockCare system, training and coaching all Veterinary Enterprises personnel, and developing FarmBiz, a web based in-house information resource and training platform. He is currently a director of Veterinary Enterprises Group and AgriNetworks, and also facilitates the Veterinary Enterprises Practice Support programme for new graduate employees.

Qualifications: BVSc




Jonathon Cameron 



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