Our Mission

We will provide exceptional service to the communities which we serve. 

We will promote the successful economic development of New Zealand’s farming industries through the provision of quality veterinary service, knowledge and products.

We advocate wellbeing of society by providing professional and empathetic care to both production and companion animals in our care.

We will grow and share the wealth we create with our staff, clients, business partners and our community. Continued investment back into each of these areas will ensure sustainable growth and development which is beneficial for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the leading New Zealand provider of animal health and productivity services.

To achieve this we will: 

  • Have a national footprint and use our size and brand to our advantage.
  • Deliver the 'best of breed' customer service with unparalleled efficiency.
  • Provide industry-leading animal healthcare as well as herd and flock management.
  • Use technology through new, efficient business delivery models.

Our Cultural Values  

It is our belief that the culture of Veterinary Enterprises is a foundation stone on which we can build our business’s success. Culture is a collection of shared values, beliefs and assumptions that govern the way we think and act within our organization

Our business goals are only met when there is mutual success, and the reward for achieving this is fair.  

The most successful client relationships are true partnerships that generate mutually beneficial outcomes. Profit is essential to our success. Profit allows us to maintain an outstanding work environment, improve our technology and attract and retain the best talent.  

Our people are our greatest asset and we will grow, inspire and protect them.  

We will invest in the development of our people to maximize their potential. We will treat our people with respect, dignity and consistency. We promote open communication and diversity of ideas that result in creativity and innovation. Workplace safety must be a fundamental business practice for protecting both staff and clients. We value people who are prepared to work as effective team members and who realise that individual success is only achieved along with the success of their team.




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We will be uncompromising in our determination to achieve excellence in both product and service delivery.  

We believe quality service is recognized by our clients and is measured by how far we exceed their expectations by adding value and providing effective solutions.  

Our reputation as a trustworthy business partner is critical to our business success.  

Honesty, professionalism, ethical behaviour and integrity with our staff and clients are the cornerstones of our reputation and are key to our present and future business success.



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For emergencies or urgent appointments within the next 24 hours, please phone the clinic directly.