Summer Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Summer Safety for Pets

  • Allergy Awareness
  • The Dreaded Barley Grass Season
  • The Perils of Christmas Treats for Pets
  • Kennels and Vaccinations

2017 11 17 Summer Newsletter CA A4

Winter Newsletter

In this Issue

  • What's Involved in a vet Consult For My Pet?
  • Animal Rehabilitation
  • Twisted Stomach's in Dogs

2017 Companion Animal Newsletter Winter

Autumn Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Dental Disease & Dental X-Ray
  • When Should I Desex My Pet?
  • New Health Risk to Pet Rabbits

2017 Companion Animal Newsletter Autumn North Island Counter

Summer  Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Summer time and our Pets
  • Exercising our Feline Friends
  • Sunburn in Pets
  • Dog Allergies
  • Vaccinations
  • Can my cat go into a Cattery?

2016 Companion Animal Newsletter Summer Otago



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