Pet Care

As well as providing excellent veterinary pet care for your beloved pets, all VetEnt clinics are stocked with a wide range of cat and dog food, toys, treats and worming and flea treatments. 

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Dental Checks

Proper dog and cat dental care is essential for a happy and healthy pet.  Checking your pets mouth for signs of dental disease and regular vet checks enable us to identify the early signs of dental disease and prevent further damage with at home dental plans and regular professional cleaning.


Whether kitten or puppy, vaccinations are vital for every new pet. Both cat vaccinations and dog vaccinations protect against infectious diseases which can be spread from one animal to another. While some diseases only cause mild illness, others may be fatal. So when it comes to a cat or dog vaccination, the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ certainly applies. Apart from putting your pet’s health at risk, insufficient dogs’/cats’ vaccinations can also result in high costs should your pet get sick.

Pet Supplies

VetEnt clinics throughout NZ also stock a variety of pet toys, beds, leashes and collars, and if we don't have your favourite product we can order it in. Contact your local VetEnt clinic for more information.

We have also used our buying power as the largest vet group in New Zealand to negotiate competitive prices when it comes to premium pet food, as well as dog and cat care products, including; worming and flea treatments.