Cat & Dog Vaccinations

Dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations play an important role in keeping your pet healthy.

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Whether kitten or puppy, vaccinations are vital for every new pet. Both cat vaccinations and dog vaccinations protect against infectious diseases which can be spread from one animal to another. While some diseases only cause mild illness, others may be fatal. So when it comes to a cat or dog vaccination, the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ certainly applies. Apart from putting your pet’s health at risk, insufficient dogs’/cats’ vaccinations can also result in high costs should your pet get sick.

Baby animals are particularly susceptible to diseases while their immune systems are still developing, so kitten and puppy vaccinations are especially important. But of course they should also be administered to dogs and cats. Vaccination routines usually consist of an initial dose followed by a second booster vaccination to provide sufficient levels of immunity. Down the line, some types of cat vaccinations and dog vaccinations are recommended annually, while others can be done every 3 years. Our experienced VetEnt vets will recommend which cat/dog vaccination is appropriate for your pet according to age, risk of exposure and overall health.

How often does my pet need a dog/cat vaccination?
Cat Vaccination
For cats vaccinations are required annually to protect them from cat ‘flu’. In some cases a cat vaccination may be required only every third year. Simply ask your local VetEnt vet for advice - they can also help with flea treatments, worming and more.

Dog Vaccination
If your dog goes to a kennel, a kennel cough dog vaccination is required on a yearly basis. Otherwise, the vaccine frequency varies depending on the type of vaccine used. Some dog vaccinations require annual boosters, others can be extended to 3 years. Your local VetEnt vet is there to help you choose a dog vaccination programme to suit your pet’s needs. Simply contact your local clinic to make an appointment. If you have recently bought a puppy, vaccinations are needed - but your local VetEnt clinic can give you some advice.

Tip for Dog's Vaccinations & your Cats Vaccination
Remember to check your pet’s vaccination status when the holiday season is approaching. All boarding catteries and kennels require their visitors to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


Click here to download a printable version of the vaccination factsheet, or visit the Dog & Cat Vaccination page for more information.

For specific information about types of diseases to vaccinate against visit the Diseases to Vaccinate Against page.

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