Animal Health Plans by VetEnt


Welcome to the ultimate tool in animal health! VetEnt's Animal Health Plan online application allows vets and farmers to work towards ‘best practice’ animal health and farm management. Increase productivity and reduce risk.

If you want a system that plans out your entire animal health programme for your farm AND automatically reminds you of jobs well before they are due, you need to know more about the VetEnt Animal Health Plan (APH).

The VetEnt Animal Health Plan is an online application developed by Merial that enables you to work collaboratively with your farm veterinarian to achieve ‘best practice’ animal and farm management. Your Animal Health Plan provides an annual animal health calendar and tracks and reminds you, your farm vet and merchandise managers of tasks for different animal groups. We have tailored the Animal Health Plans for all types of farm businesses, including sheep and beef farmers, deer farmers, dairy farmers and graziers.

Animal Health plans – benefits for you as a farmer:

•    Your Animal Health Plan provides you with a comprehensive plan to follow. Keep everyone on the ball and keep your animal production systems working as effectively and as profitably as possible.
•    Easier planning and timely completion of important tasks due to the reminder system.
•    Larger farms with multiple labour units, can utilise the plan to delegate tasks and ensure that jobs are done according to ‘best practice’ and completed on time.
•    With the Animal Health Plan you are able to look ahead and view jobs coming up to plan labour and product resources as necessary.
•    Create a dynamic link between your farm and veterinarian.
•    The Animal Health Plan caters for all levels of technical capability by giving you the option of printing a 12-month calendar and/or a wall planner once the initial plan is complete.


Figure 1a. Dairy Animal Health Plan (click for larger image)

Figure 1b. Sheep/Beef/Deer Animal Health Plan (click for larger image)

How do I set up my Animal Health Plan?
Setting up this ultimate animal health tool is easy:  simply sit down with your VetEnt vet to create the initial 12-month password-protected plan. Schedule tasks, dates and products and activate the reminder system to whoever you want involved in your business.

Once set up, your Animal Health Plan can be adjusted by either party according to a changing environment. Finally, an annual review with your VetEnt farm vet will ensure your Animal Health Plan is operating at the top of its game every year. So what are you waiting for? Start increasing productivity and reducing risk by contacting your local VetEnt branch.

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