StockCARE® farm improvement programme by veterinary farm consultants

Developed by veterinary farm consultant specialists, StockCARE® provides a proven concept for beef and sheep farmers who want to grow their business. This programme follows the old business adage ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’, and is provided in two forms.

1. StockCARE®

Aimed at whole-farm business improvement, you work one-on-one with a StockCARE® farm consultant/veterinarian. This programme involves animal performance measurement and your farm consultant will cover aspects of fertiliser, financials, pasture crop and seed, and marketing of sale stock.

2. StockCARE® packages

Work one-on-one with a VetEnt farm consultant/veterinarian on improvement of one or more components of animal performance. These farm consultant packages use the StockCARE® database, protocols and reports with guidance from a specialist StockCARE® veterinarian.

Participants sign up for an unlimited time, paying an annual fee which covers the Information Management System (IMS) as well as one-on-one contact with your specialist StockCARE® farm consultant and veterinarian.

Key features of this farm consultant and improvement programme include:

•    Presentation of information in reports based on key performance indicators (KPIs) for the drivers of farm business performance.  
•    Protocols and recording forms that outline the methods to collect information. These are all built into your own farm management plan which includes a reminder system.
•   Your data is processed and stored on a centralised database accessible only by StockCARE® participants who receive regular reports which enable detailed analysis of the drivers and outcomes of your production systems.
•    Enter your own data into the database and immediately see the reports generated.
•    StockCARE® farm consultants help you create your own team around your farm business.

StockCARE® participants get access to farm consultant experts in their relative fields from a network of leading agribusiness organisations in finance, fertiliser, pasture and seed, and animal health. These organisations are willing to provide this knowledge and expertise without any expectation of selling product or service.

The overall objective of Year 1 is to use the monitoring info to identify factors that may limit your farm’s business performance. Understanding the limitations and converting them into opportunities for improvement makes planning and setting property-specific targets easier and more effective.

StockCARE® participants who have been involved in the farm consultant programme for more than 2 years may apply to become shareholders in Farm Quality Group which markets Kumanu lamb.  

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StockCARE® package details

All StockCARE® package participants receive protocols, reminder systems and a final report, in which the farm consultant outlines the factors that may be limiting the animal performance system.

The farm consultant packages available are components of the measurable outcomes of the ewe flock/beef herd.

The measurable outcome for the ewe flock is kg lamb weaned per ewe mated.

The key performance drivers and sub-drivers are:
•    number of lambs weaned
     o    mating performance (scanning result)
     o    ewe survival to weaning
     o    lamb survival to weaning
•    lamb weaning weight
     o    birth weight
     o    growth rate
     o    age at weaning

Packages available for the ewe flock include:
          o    Ewe mating performance
          o    Ewe lambing performance
          o    Weaner lamb performance
          o    Ewe lamb replacement performance

The measurable outcome for the beef herd is kg calf weaned per cow wintered.  

The key performance drivers and sub-drivers are:
•    number of calves weaned per cow
     o    pregnancy rate
     o    cow survival to weaning
     o    calf survival to weaning
•    calf weaning weight
     o    birth weight
     o    growth rate
     o    age at weaning

Packages available for the beef herd include:
          o    Cow mating performance
          o    Cow calving  performance
          o    Weaner calf performance

Contact a farm consultant at your nearest VetEnt clinic if you want to be involved with StockCARE®.

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