General Services

VetEnt are committed to providing the best service to all clients 


All VetEnt clinics servicing the rural sheep and beef areas provide  all of the traditional services expected of a sheep and beef veterinary practice which includes working dogs and other small animals. Service is provided by veterinarians, and where appropriate by our team of well-trained technicians.

All VetEnt sheep and beef clinics are supported by a sales person to provide advice and support with animal health remedy requirements of our sheep and beef clients.

Veterinary Service

There are many aspects of veterinary service provided.

Emergency Services

A 24 hour emergency service is provided. This includes service for all types of emergencies including:

  • Calvings.
  • Sick animals.
  • Injuries.
  • Cases where there may be welfare issues.

Treatment of Sick and Lame Animals

Most of these will be of a non-urgent nature, and are worked into the daily schedule.

Preventative medicine

The service for all aspects of preventative medicine is provided, and includes:

  • Vaccinations against a wide range of diseases.
  • Routine disease monitoring- brucellosis, BVD
  • Facial eczema spore count monitoring and the SporeMap programme.
  • Anthelmintic resistance testing and worm management monitoring
  • Animal Health plans

Regulatory work

Tb testing. VetEnt has the Tb testing contracts for four of the Tb testing districts within the practice area.

Reproductive work

A full suite of large animal reproductive programmes are offered including:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Bull and ram soundness examination.
  • Synchronizing mating.
  • Artificial Insemination in some areas

Trace Element and Macro Element Status Determination

Trace and macro element status is monitored by:

  1. Blood testing.
  2. Liver biopsies.
  3. Pasture sampling.


Technicians are employed across the Group and their roles include:

  1. Tb testing.
  2. Blood testing.
  3. Conveyor services.
  4. Cattle and sheep vaccinations.
  5. Administration of fly products, drenches, worm and zinc  capsules, hormonal growth promotants.
  6. Taking facial eczema grass samples.
  7. Facial eczema spore counting.
  8. Assisting with breeding programmes in some areas.
  9. Condition scoring. 


VetEnt have invested in a powerful database system across the Group with a powerful intranet system for internal communication. Records are kept in the Rx Works accounting system and InfoVet performance tracking, and are easily accessed.

Contact your local VetEnt office to ask more about general services or to request a visit.

Make an Appointment

For emergencies or urgent appointments within the next 24 hours, please phone the clinic directly.