From cattle and sheep to deer – when it comes to farming livestock you want a cattle, sheep vet who understands the practicalities of running deer, cattle and sheep farms.

VetEnt’s cattle, sheep and deer vets are more than just a friendly face and ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.  Whether you're chasing improvements in productivity for cattle and sheep, whether you question cost and re-prioritising of farm activities, or tick along enjoying the cattle/sheep farming lifestyle, VetEnt offers the farm services you need.

Change is required to improve performance. In addition to routine deer, cattle and sheep work like treating sick animals, pregnancy testing and vaccinations, VetEnt offers one of NZ's leading farm consulting systems. 

Bombarded by advertising of the latest and “best” products, many deer/cattle/sheep farmers lack direction for new initiatives even though they have the ability to make change. Sound familiar? Our cattle and sheep experts would like to teach you how to avoid problems rather than fixing them with drugs and spending a lot of money in the long run.

Why not use the support and information of experts to guide you and make productive, sustainable plans? VetEnt’s farm services provide an extensive database of comparable sheep and beef farm stats alongside animal health plans and farm improvement programmes for you to draw from. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to evolve your deer, sheep and cattle farming practices for the future.

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The reproductive performance of breeding ewes and cows is fundamental to profitability and sustainability. Maximise your cattle and sheep reproductive performance. Maintaining optimal animal health enables the most effective pasture conversion to saleable product.



Ensure plans roll out on time, every time! Our software toolbox maps out your entire animal health programme and sends automatic reminders to you and your staff.



Improve performance! StockCARE® helps you to set new targets and to achieve them, using practical solutions including information collection and best-practice benchmarking.


"From day one with Grazcare (we think it was about 10 years ago), we have had well grown animals.  The whole process, from the initial weighing and tagging of weaners on our farm, to to final delivery back of our in calf heifers, is an easy and seamless process.  We know we can trust the Grazcare team to continue growing our heifers with the same attention to detail as we start here on our farm.   -Wayne & Carey Peake, Peake Farm Partnership


  grazcare-testimonial-sml "In 2008, I employed GrazCare's services for my youngstock. This has resulted in these stock always reaching their target weights. My heifers have always returned for their first calving season at a fully mature live weight. This has allowed these animals to achieve their maximum milk production and reproduction potential from day one. At GrazCare, I can rest assured all animal health and breeding requirements are taken care of in the most professional manner. I can confidently recommend GrazCare as they provide a value for money service."
- Philip Hawes, Dairylea Farms Ltd

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